Every journey has its story...

Some of these stories start here.

Does this sound familiar to you? You’re visiting a place for the first time and depending on what you find and experience there you will relate and connenct certain feelings and emotions to this place...
The more pleasant the experience, the nicer you’ll keep that place in mind. We want to do our best for your journey to become a lovely story you can tell at home.

Five Reasons - What’s it all about?

In the beginning we wondered what our future guests would expect. So we asked a couple of people what they would consider important for having a pleasant journey and a successeful stay. The outcomes were that travelling today is more at ease, casual and more individual. Our guests don’t want to abstain from spontaneity. They want to get in touch with the culture, history and nightlife of a city and want to exchange with fellow travellers and locals. As well they want their journey to be independent, individual and uncomplicated. The majority of people we asked agreed on five things:

Good location, good value, friendliness, nice facilities, individuality and a clean environment.

Due to these expectations we set our goal for the future to be a place that welcomes its guests with open arms in a cozy athmosphere. We hope we can fulfill our self-set goal, and turn these wishes and expectations into the reasons why people like to stay here. Get here and find out yourself! We are looking forward to your visit in the near future!

What else to know about us?

The Five Reasons is a new Hotel & Hostel in the center of Nuremberg directly located behind the city wall with a lovely view at the opera house. When we started in 2012 everything was refurbished and thoroughly refurnished.

We emphasize a lovely athmosphere for our guests and the double rooms as well as the dorm rooms will certainly meet your needs!

Every room has an oak flooring which gives the rooms a warm and cosy touch. Comfortable beds, custom made tables - we provide you with everything you need to be satisfied.
In our brand new spacious bathrooms you’ll find rainforest showers and specially selected beautiful tiles. You’ll love to take a shower there.

On the ground floor you will find the reception with the lounge where you can meet others, surf on the iPad-terminal or just have a beer or a coffee.

We offer a delicious breakfast which you can book spontainiously in the morning.
Moreover we have a fully equipped self-catering kitchen where you can prepare meals yourself. As well you’ll find a cosy dining area with large wooden tables.

Furthermore there’s always someone of our staff around to help you with your questions.
But enough talk, just have a look at our galleries and if you have any more questions, give us a call, write us an e-mail and then come around and discover your own five reasons.

We hope to see you soon

Your Five Reasons-Team

Our Team

May we introduce ourselves so that you will already feel welcome when you arrive.


Five Reasons has a 24 hours front desk which is always available for the guests’ needs. You can do your booking here via the website, via phone call or e-mail. Walk-ins are welcome as well.

Stay in touch

Check back on this site frequently, write us an e-mail or follow us on the social networks to get the latest news and special offers.